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Appliance Garage (Cabinet Doors Closed)

I really wanted an appliance Garage so I incorporated it during my kitchen renovation planning.


I prefer my countertop to be uncluttered and clean. A cramp messy kitchen is stressful to me.

During my travels, one of the air bnb had a microwave cabinet with a combination of a lift (simple hinge) and pocket door. I thought it was a great idea. 

When we were buying a microwave 1 year before I renovated the kitchen, I opted for a basic economical one instead of a built in one as it was pretty expensive.

Appliance garage/ cupboard design criteria

  • Multilevel
    • To hide the microwave, mugs and cups, water jug, sandwich maker, electric kettle, toaster oven. 3 levels: 80-100cm height.
  • Electric supply
    • Boil water using electric kettle or heat up food using the microwave. My power point is at 93cm height so the base would need to be 80-85cm from floor. 
  • Reasonably priced
    • Not exceeding the price difference of a built in microwave and the microwave I bought.
  • Aesthetics
    • Blend in with the minimalist design and the tall unit. Would like it to be 80-90cm width.
  • Location
    • Most are on the countertop and that trades off the counterspace. It will be located in the tall unit cabinet, rear end of dry kitchen. An appliance cabinet?
Appliance Garage in Tall Unit Cabinet

Appliance Garage Door Options:

  • Roll up door Example here
    • The roller shutters reminds me of a car garage. It does not go with my kitchen minimalist design. I tried using it at one of the kitchen cabinet showrooms and it was not easy to use. It was ‘stuck’ at one position.
  • Appliance lift Example here
    • Impressive! The most costly option I presume.
  • Sliding door Example here
    • Does it mean I can’t open both doors at once?
  • Lifting door Example here
    • We visited blum showroom. There are two types that were suitable
    • Aventos HL: for doors of 180cm max width and 580cm max height. It means I would only be able to do two level appliance garage.
    • Aventos HF: (bifold door) for doors of 180cm max width and 104cm height. The door actually sticks out. Will my guest or household members be hitting their forehead against it?
  • Lifting door & Pull cable stays.
    • We also visited hafele showroom and came across another door system there. Two doors? Top door is a simple lift door and bottom door pulls downwards with pull cable stays.
    • Pull cable stays Example here This mechanism is trying to defy the laws of gravity. Would it spoil easily? It is also expensive. The two pull cable stays and the hinge cost RM1K and not easily available. I would need to wait for a few weeks for it to be shipped from Germany.
  • Pocket door Example here
    • It’s a mechanism where you open and slide it back. This was the mechanism that I was looking for initially. I see it in a lot of minimalist cabinet design.

Choosing a kitchen cabinet company to build my appliance garage

  • One of them no longer installed Blum Aventos.
  • Another only had 60cm width door.
  • Most of them did not do pocket door.

This was not an easy task trying to figure out the door mechanism for my appliance garage. And I thought…

Wide angle hinge?

Wide Angle Hinge without Soft Close
Wide Angle Hinge with Soft Close (Plate)

Why didn’t I think of it earlier? It is a basic fail proof mechanism. And the most reasonable option.

I drew this design after measuring of all my appliances.

3D Drawing of Cabinet Appliance

Ironically one kitchen cabinet company could not install wide angle hinge even though they installed normal angle hinges of the same brand.

The cabinet installer made a circle hole for the appliance cable.

Appliances in other Zones

New ‘home’ for the Toaster Oven

I have moved my toaster oven to the wet kitchen metal rack from my appliance garage….

Not all of my appliances are stored here. It is stored in other zones.

Baking zone: I don’t have a stand mixer. My hand mixer is stored in my ‘baking’ drawer.

Cooking zone: Rice cooker and slow cooker (use it twice a week) are stored in the blind corner in my wet kitchen cabinet.

Prepping zone: I have a food processor, blender and food mill in the ‘prep’ drawer. 

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