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Celtuce, a type of lettuce that has a thick stem and thin leaf lettuce leaves. It is also known as Chinese lettuce or celery lettuce.

Both Celtuce stem and leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Celtuce stem is usually sliced thinly and has a crunchy texture. Celtuce leaves taste similar to romaine lettuce. If the leaves are cooked separately, it is called 油麦菜(yóumàicài).

Celtuce Leaves 油麦菜(yóumàicài)

Celtuce Stem 莴笋(wōsǔn)

I hardly see celtuce stem in my local supermarket.

I sliced it thinly and stir fried it with oil and garlic. The flavour was quite neutral and texture was crunchy. I really liked it but it’s really expensive. It was selling at RM10/kg so this cost me RM5.

Celtuce Leaves 油麦菜(yóumàicài)

I mixed it with baby romaine lettuce. Honestly it taste so similar that I couldn’t differentiate both celtuce leaves and romaine lettuce.

I also stir fried it with garlic. It shrank so much after cooking.

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