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Before the tiles installation, piglet and I were wondering whether it is necessary to have a tiled base for the fridge and washing machine in the wet kitchen. That kind of design is certainly ‘old school’ where the fridge and washing machine is elevated by 2 inches on a tiled cemented platform.


1. Easier to clean floors

There is an option to hose down and wash fully tiled kitchen. It seems like a good option since the floor tiles are pretty rough. Nowadays most people just mop their kitchen and their kitchen cabinet is built with wooden carcass instead of concrete. I had a friend who had base installed but has not hosed down/ washed her 2 year old kitchen.

2. Protect electronic equipment

If there is leakage or flooding in the kitchen, it would protect the electronic equipment. I have experienced leakage from the washing machine and cleaning up the base of the electronic equipment certainly was not easy without an elevation.


1. Changing positions

The platform is fixed and there is actually a 5 feet width in our kitchen for placement of the fridge and washing machine respectively. I was thinking of using the kitchen first and then adjust the fridge according flow of the kitchen since the fridge is part of the kitchen triangle.

2. Replacing the fridge or washing machine

Our new fridge capacity is 210L and washing machine capacity is 8kg. It is relatively small compared to a lot of households. If our household gets bigger or there are changes to our lifestyle in the future, we might be considering an upgrade. Being restricted to a certain depth and width for the refrigerator could be inconvenient.

3. Stubbing toes  

There are two types of measurement to take into account when building a base. One is to follow the exact measurement and add in 5cm-10cm on each side. The other is to future proof it by making it way wider than the current measurement e.g. 90cm width for a future bigger refrigerator. If my current fridge is 60cm, it means that it would be sticking out by 30cm?  I suppose it could be used for temporary storage.

Either ways, there will still be a tendency to stub your toe against the platform.

Our decision

We have decided against having a fridge and washing machine base.

Other options

I do have non- permanent options though. Just google ‘fridge and washing machine base’ and you will find them on online shopping sites.

  • Black plastic blocks (4 pieces)
  • Bracket base stand
  • Mobility roller trolley

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