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I have a new toy in my playground (glasgowkitchen). It has been in my to-buy list ever since I have been planning the kitchen renovation. And that was more than 2 years ago.

‘A home for every item’

During the kitchen renovation, I had planned the storage space to fit all my containers. I couldn’t buy any extra containers as the container quota has been filled. The drawers are all pretty full. I did not want my new items to be ‘homeless’.

Recently I have found a loophole to my own ‘quota’ rule: storing it with my dinnerware since my dinnerware cabinet is half empty. To justify it, I use it as part of my dinnerware…. Maybe it’s just an excuse for me to buy them. Having odd shape containers is a bit of a pain for storing it vertically so I bought a couple to stack them. I store the cover and the base separately. The cover is stored in the container drawer.

Multipurpose Use

It was on offer and reasonably priced. It is sooo convenient as I can use it to steam, roast (in oven) and use it in the microwave. It fits into my 9L toaster oven and my big pot. It has a lock lock cover too so I can just store it directly. And I use it to serve food on the dining table directly.

In Fridge



Roast (Toaster Oven)

Bake (Oven)

Baking using Borosilicate Glass Container

When baking using borosilicate glass container, some adjustments to the oven setting needs to be made. Borosilicate glass takes longer to heat up and longer to cool so food might be overbaked. So, the baking duration needs to be reduced or oven temperature needs to be reduced (25C).

It is also at risk of thermal shock so extreme temperature needs to be avoided. E.g. allow it to cool from the oven before washing it with cold water or avoid putting frozen borosilicate glass container into the oven.

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