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Guess what have I bought this time around? Burdock root… I have been passing by the aisle selling burdock root in the supermarket and have been slightly curious. It is my first time purchasing it and it was on offer. RM1.50 per piece.

It is a root vegetable used for traditional medicinal. It is also sold in dried form to make tea.  

How do you cook burdock root? Apparently you can eat it raw (pickled), stir fried, braised and boiled. One of the recipes I have come across is a Japanese one, fried and braised burdock root.

I will be trying out a soup version with minimal ingredients just to taste the flavour of the burdock since it is my first time eating it too.

Some recipes include corn, carrot, daikon radish and lotus root. I might try that next round after I get slightly bored of plain burdock root soup.

Burdock Root Soup Recipe


2 burdock root

8 red dates

2L water

400g pork bones


Parboil pork bones for a few minutes. Put all ingredients into the pot. Boil then simmer for at least 3 hours.  Add salt to taste.

How was it?

It tasted okay. The root itself tasted woody and its smell reminded me of arrowroot soup.

I composted the burdock root skin as I didn’t know that I could dry it up to make tea.

Burdock Root Skin in the Compost Bowl

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