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Chapati is an Indian flatbread consisting of atta, an Indian wholemeal flour and water. Atta is slightly different from the usual wholemeal flour used in bread making. The milling process is different. Atta flour is finely milled and does not separate into bran and flour unlike the usual wholemeal flour.

I have recently bought a tawa pan so I am going to try this out. It is quicker, using less prep time compared to thosai or even roti paratha.

It actually reminds me a mix between flour tortilla and pita bread. The mixing is more like a tortilla and the cooking process is more like pita bread in which it puffs up.

Chapati Recipe

(Makes 6 chapati)


120g atta

85g-90g water

1 tsp oil


Mix ingredients above and knead dough. Rest dough for an hour. Divide dough to 6 (about 35g each) and shape it to a ball. Use a rolling pin to flatten it to 6 inch diameter. Place it on hot tawa pan and heat it up for a few minutes.

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