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After tasting crepe cake for the first time a few weeks ago, I have decided to attempt making it.

So I started practicing with eggs. I used half an egg for each ‘crepe’ egg in my 8 year old non stick pot.

How did I do initially?

The first day all of them were stuck together in a bowl. The second day I managed to get the hang of it.

Second day making ‘crepe’ eggs

After the second day, I felt ready to make crepes.

Chocolate Crepe

Makes 31 X 7” crepe

Crepe Ingredients

Rie’s Recipe from Tasty

I used 5/6 of the recipe since my crepe cake was smaller.

Crepe Method

Adapted from Marietelling

  1. Sieve flour mix: All purpose flour, cocoa powder, icing sugar
  2. Use hand mixer to mix. Add eggs one by one and mix into flour mix
  3. Add melted butter (microwaved) and mix
  4. Add milk and mix
  5. Sieve batter
  6. Chill for 1 and a half hours in the fridge
  7. Use a ladle (3 tablespoon) of batter and pour onto a well oiled non stick pan on medium heat (Induction level 10/15).
  8. Wait for 1-2 minutes until edges dry. Scrape it and flip it
  9. Repeat for the remaining crepe
  10. Use a cake tin to cut along the edges
  11. Cover it with a cling film or store it in a container and put it in the fridge
Mix crepe batter

Cover with cling film and refrigerate crepe batter
Chilled and rested crepe batter
Use a cake tin to cut along the edges
31 layers of crepe

Chocolate Cream Filling


Adapted from HidaMari

150g Cooking chocolate

75g Milk

360g Whipping Cream

1 tbs Gelatin

3 tbs water


  1. Bloom gelatine in water for 5 minutes and microwave until all dissolved
  2. Microwave milk in mug until slightly warm
  3. Microwave chocolate for about 1 min medium heat or until melted. Stir well.
  4. Add milk into chocolate and stir until well combined
  5. Stir Milk+ chocolate into whipping cream. Put 1 tbs into the gelatine mix (temper it).
  6. Put it in an ice water bath and whip it up using a hand mixer
  7. Mix it until stiff peak and add gelatine.
  8. Chill it in the fridge for 1-2 hours
  9. Layer thin layer using a spatula and palette knife
  10. Refrigerated it after layering is completed

I like adding gelatin to whipping cream as it helps to stabilize it so it can keep better for a few days.

Milk + Whipping Cream + Cooking Chocolate

I whip the cream in an ice water bath as my kitchen room temperature is 30C.

Whipped Chocolate Cream (Stiff Peak)
Layering a thin layer of ream on top of each crepe.


I had a failed attempt at the ganache as I did thick ganache that did not ‘flow’ and stuck to the cake in patches.

So I was stuck with an ‘ugly’ cake and did not have enough whipped cream. What did I do? I made a ganache with leftover milk, butter and cooking chocolate.


70g Milk

45g Butter

100g Cooking Chocolate


  1. Slice cooking chocolate into small thin slices
  2. Microwave milk and butter until bubbles
  3. Pour hot milk and butter into cooking chocolate and leave it for 1 min
  4. Stir it
  5. Pour the ganache over the chilled cake
  6. Refrigerate it for a few hours for the ganache to harden
Chocolate Crepe Cake

Chocolate Ganache… Such a mess!

Chocolate Crepe Cake
Chocolate Crepe Cake

How was it?

It was not as difficult as I thought. Maybe it was because my crepe cake was rather small. Did not have too much issues making the crepe itself.

Time consuming though…

Prep batter ½ hour Action
Chill batter in fridge 1 ½ hours Waiting
Prep crepe 1 ½ hours Action
Cut crepe and clean up ½ hour Action
Prep filling ½ hour Action
Chill filling in fridge 2  ½ hours Waiting
Frost cake 1 hour Action
Chill cake 2 hours Waiting

I liked it. It was very chocolate-y but there wasn’t much of a colour and flavour contrast. Should have just used plain whipped cream for the filling instead of chocolate whipped cream.

Looks wise… I think I need more practice with the ganache.

2nd round crepe cake (Edited on 8 Dec 2020)

I had 1L whipping cream that was expiring soon and had recently bought a 280mm (about 11 inch) Tawa pan. I used the same recipe for the crepe but changed the filling and topping slightly. I used 6 tbsp batter for each crepe and it makes 16 crepes. I cut it into half and stacked it so it was 32 halve crepes. This time my frosting was white which gave a better colour contrast.


Adapted from Tasty’s Rie’s Recipe
210g Flour
30g Cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla powder
6 eggs
750ml milk
85g butter
60g granulated sugar.

Frost layers
650g whipping cream
Icing sugar to taste
1 tbsp gelatine
4tbsp water

Ganache topping
90g cooking chocolate
90g whipping cream


Microwave butter and add granulated sugar. Leave aside to cool.
Mix flour, cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Use a hand mixer to mix in eggs one by one. Mix in milk. Lastly, mix in butter and granulated sugar. Chill it for 1.5 hours in the fridge.
I did not sieve d batter as it was pretty well mixed.

Bloom gelatin for 10 mins with water. Microwave it on medium until dissolved. Add 1 tbsp of whipping cream and leave it to cool.
Whip up whipping cream using a hand mixer in an ice water bath (room temperature 32C). When it forms soft peak, add icing sugar to taste. When it forms stiff peak, pour in gelatine mix and whip it for 10 seconds. Chill it for half an hour.

Slice chocolate thinly. Microwave whipping cream on medium for 1 min. Pour chocolate into whipping cream bowl and leave it for a few minutes. Then stir.

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