My Glasgow Kitchen

My Little Corner of the World

I have used a free design software for the kitchen layout images below and rated it from the one I like least.

1. One wall kitchen layout

  • Everything is fixed on a single wall and saves space
One Wall Kitchen Layout

2. Galley kitchen layout

  • Two countertops opposite each other
  • Suitable for small long spaces
  • Work traffic might be interrupted
Galley Kitchen Layout

3. L shape kitchen layout

  • Good for workflow and popular design
  • Design of my previous Glasgow Kitchen in Glasgow
L shape Kitchen Layout

4. U shape kitchen layout

  • Practical and versatile
  • Adequate countertop and storage space
U shape Kitchen Layout

5. G shape kitchen layout

  • A U shape kitchen with a peninsula
G shape Kitchen/ U shape Kitchen + Peninsula

6. Kitchen Island

  • Requires large floor plan. 
L shape Kitchen Layout + Kitchen Island

I’ve got a kitchen Island or peninsula on my kitchen renovation wish list. 

My ideal kitchen layout:

A G shape kitchen or one wall kitchen layout + kitchen island or L shape kitchen layout + kitchen island. 

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