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Choosing tiles for the kitchen backsplash, wall and floor

I left kitchen tiles shopping to the last on my list of things to do before starting the renovation.

I knew what I wanted when I was designing it:

  • Plain
  • Subtle
  • Timeless 
  • Practical

I went to three tile showroom and the showrooms were only 2-3 minutes drive from each other. It is sooooo convenient!

Tile Shopping: Malaysian Mosaics, Kimgres, Feruni (Image from google maps)

I learnt new things as I went along to view tiles. Every day is a school day…

Advice from family

‘’Floor tiles surface needs to be rough for the wet kitchen floor.’’

Advice from Contractor

‘’Cement is the most commonly used grout material. Some others can be 20- 30 times more expensive than cement.’’

‘’When you calculate your budget… The tiles cost 50%, material e.g. cement, grout cost 25%, tiler’s installation cost 25%.‘’

Kimgres Showroom

Advice from Kimgres

‘’Use homogenous (full bodied) tiles for kitchen countertop so that the finishing at the corner blends in with the tiles.’’

Malaysian Mosaic Showroom

Advice from Malaysian Mosaic

‘’Specify whether you need wall tiles or floor tiles. You can use floor tiles for wall tiles not the other way round. We only use ceramic tiles for walls.’’

Feruni Showroom

Advice from Feruni

‘’Non polished matt tiles absorb stains and might not be suitable for a wet kitchen countertop. Go with polished ones.’’

What tiles did I choose?

Wet kitchen backsplash and wall– Large polished white rectangular tiles

I wanted gloss tiles for the backsplash as it is easier to clean and does not absorb stains. Having larger tiles would minimize the grout.

Wet kitchen floor– Wood flooring

Piglet chose the flooring for the wet kitchen. His choice was the rustic rough wood tiles.The price was reasonable and the most reasonably priced one was the standard 2ft by 1ft wood tiles.

Our main concern was that the surface was really rough and would be difficult to clean. I was fine with it… will just need use more upper body strength to mop and replace the mop head often.

Wet kitchen countertop– Homogenous polished dark grey or black tiles

The dark grey tiles have some subtle darker grains on it which is able to cover imperfection.

Black tiles are harder to clean but looks classic. Black and white theme anyone?

I keep changing my mind…. Have decided on dark grey tiles for now.

Dry kitchen backsplash– Timeless gloss bevelled subway tiles with white grout/ cement

Although I have decided on a minimalist concept, I thought that it would be nice to have one wall of subway tiles because I just love it. It would still be subtle as the grout/ cement will be white.

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