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If you are wondering why there is 2 vertical white patches on the countertop during the kitchen reveal pics… 2 months ago, we noticed the vertical countertop tiles had loosen slightly. I think this issue is pretty common for tiles countertop.

It started off with the grout splitting slightly and spreading towards the left. The tiles also loosened slightly. Piglet informed the contractor and I stuck some masking tape to prevent it from falling off.

Our relative’s countertop tile fell off onto the floor few months ago causing a pretty deep indentation and crack onto the floor tiles. I didn’t want that to happen. Replacing floor tiles can cause microchips and also loosen neighbouring tiles.

A week ago, my contractor finally informed us that the tiles installer would be dropping by to fix it. Surprisingly the tiles installer asked me whether my contractor had knocked something against it when installing the sink. Hmmm… ‘Not that I am aware of’.

Will need to buy some grout later to fill it in. He just used some ‘adhesive’ to stick it back. It does not apply to horizontal countertop tiles or the wall tiles though. Those will need proper plastering.

Is that it? Such simple DIY? Next time I will do it myself….

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