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I like to be in control of things… And wanted to design my very own dream kitchen.

However I had zero experience when it came to kitchen renovation e.g. I did not know what was melamine or quartz before starting all this. This whole process took me about 3-4 months.  

1. Discuss with the contractor

I would also message my contractor to check with him on the possibility of some design e.g. skylight size and lighting position. I did not want any major hacking work and wanted to keep the original floor plan.

2. Visit friend and family’s house

We had friends and family who had just done up their kitchen and were invited to view the place. They gave very practical advice on kitchen cabinets material, design and the issues they faced during the renovation process. E.g. Black countertop is difficult to clean.

3. Visit neighbours house

They have the same house plan as mine and I decided to copy some parts e.g. skylight. They had also informed us the issues that they faced with the house e.g. aircon ducting that needs to be redone.

4. Visit home expo

They sell kitchen cabinet, appliances, grill and door, sinks, air conditioner…

A home expo is usually held over a weekend. I usually take some time to think about it and go back the next day. They usually pressure you to make a decision really quickly cz it is ‘special price’ and ‘on offer’. I found prices for some appliances more expensive so it might be worth checking it online before purchasing it.

5. Look up online

  • Google: Just google a topic and read up. I call it ‘researching’ as I will be opening up various websites at one go and compare their facts.  
  •  Pinterest app: It has of nice designs and gives you ideas on your kitchen renovation. I actually took a snapshot and sent it to my contractor to give examples.
  • Iproperty: Check properties with similar house plan nearby that are for sale or for rent to get some ideas of their kitchen renovation. It is useful if you are remodelling your house kitchen or if your house is second hand.
  • and Qanvast Spore- Although it is a website to link up the house owner and contractor/ interior designer, their guide and article gives useful tips. It is based locally so the advice would suit our cooking culture and climate.
  • Kitchn & the spruce- It gives me an idea on cabinet organization and storing items in a pantry.
  • Forums: lowyat, houzz- To find out various kitchen renovation problems encountered by house owners and various opinions.
  • Youtube- There is videos of various kitchen organizers and various cabinet hinges. I also watch kitchen/ house tours by youtubers.

6. Visit kitchen cabinet showroom

I did some surveying at a home expo. I did not bring a kitchen plan and drew a rough floor plan. I was given a brief introduction on countertop and cabinet material and storage accessories. I had discussed with two kitchen designers and had two quotes from different companies.

7. Visit Ikea

Ikea has great designs and it helps me picture certain fixtures onto the kitchen wall. I bought some cooking accessories there.

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