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This healthy mung bean cake is inspired by a Chinese bakery in Taiwan sells mung bean cake that contains less sugar and oil. He steams it and mashes it with a rolling pin and shapes it.

I used a traditional wooden mooncake mould and an ang ku kueh mould (tortoise shaped mould) as I’m trying to stick to a minimalist concept so I just borrowed it from a relative.

Healthy Mung Bean Cake Recipe (Reduced oil & Sugar)


250mg mung bean

50g icing sugar

Few tbs oil

2 pandan leaves (optional)


1. Soak mung bean overnight

2. Drain mung bean and steam with pandan leaves for 1 hour

3. Remove pandan leaves, blend it into paste using food processor

4. Add in icing sugar and mixed into dough

5. Brush oil to the cake mold and press in mung bean dough

6. Tap the cake mold gently to remove the mung bean cake

7. Chill it for a few hours

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