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Tofu was out of stock at my usual hypermarket and I usually buy them in bulk so it is cheaper. I have made tofu before but it was in smaller quantities and it is my plan B when my tofufa goes wrong.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tofu mould so I just made do with a tea towel and colander. Every week I would make some soy milk so I made extra.

Homemade Firm Tofu


4 litres of unsweetened soy bean milk (500g soy bean)

2 tsp GDL




Tea towel


Heavy object: cans/ mortar


1.Heat up soy milk until it boils. Cool it for 5 minutes (90C).

2. Add in GDL mixed with water and leave it for 15 minutes.

3. Pour it into a colander lined with tea towel and wrap it up with tea towel

4. Put heavy objects onto it and leave it for a few hours to drain the liquid

5. To store, soak it in water in fridge.

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