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After the oven installation issue, I read the instruction manual thoroughly. It was relatively straightforward so I did the installation myself.

I fastened the wires to the 15A round pin plug, placed it upside down, screwed 4 stoppers onto the base, stuck the self adhesive foam provided at the edges and inserted it into the countertop cut out.

15A Round pin plug

After installing it, I could not test it yet as the main electric switch was off for plastering works. When the contractor dropped by, plastering work was done. He must have been curious, went through the manual and was playing/ testing the controls.

Testing the induction hob

He and I use portable induction and it sounds so different. This is so quiet. We did not realize that it was on until the worker pointed out that there were bubbles in the pot after a few minutes.

Using an Induction Hob

It took me about 1-2 weeks to get use to the hob setting. My previous old portable one had a 1-10 setting and this one is a 1-14 setting. The heating control has a wide buffer for the lower temperature part e.g. keep warm to simmer… 10-14 is for boiling and stir fries.

It has sensitive touch panels. I have used ceramic hobs in airbnbs. Once I asked piglet to stand next to me to press the touch panels when I was cooking as it was just not detecting my fingers. Maybe my fingers were too cold then.

Other features:

  • Boiling water with timer function- The timer part is useful when I use it to boil water in a pot. This one was quite similar to my old portable induction

  • Cleaning the hob when simmering/ boiling soups- I use the lock function when I am boiling soups. The setting locks and I can just wipe the whole hob.

  • Remaining heat after use- It shows horizontal lines to inform me that the induction surface is hot/ warm.

Things to note:

  • Buzzing sound- It occurs when the pot or pan that contact the induction surface is wet. Just lift it up and wipe it with a dry cloth or just ignore it. It does not affect the cooking function

  • Ventilation- There is a fan at the bottom of the surface so I leave my cabinet door open so that the heat can be conducted through it.

  • Power point- I have a separate power point for the hob but would refrain from turning it off right after cooking as the fan still needs to run after that.

Should I buy a gas, ceramic or induction hob?

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