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I have been planning to bake this keto bread roll for the past few months but haven’t gotten round to it. Just before the lockdown (Covid 19), Piglet and I bought 1kg of coconut flour and almond flour respectively. After more than 1 month, I have decided to try out some new recipes.

The problem with most keto bread is high egg content to bind it causing it to taste really ‘eggy’ like a cake. This one taste pretty neutral and had some kind of wholemeal flavour, maybe from the psyllium husk.

I glad that I managed to source a small portion of psyllium Husk from a friend to try it out. The dough is formed and shaped like a cookie dough. Surprisingly it does not expand but does not have a dense texture either.

Recipe here

I used extra virgin coconut oil instead of extra virgin olive oil. Surprisingly I didn’t taste the coconut oil flavour in the bread roll.

And I made 5 rolls instead of 6 to make it more sizable.

Keto flour mix
Keto bread dough
Keto Rolls with Sesame Seed Topping

Piglet and I shared one roll with butter filling and the rest was to be given to our keto friend.

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