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I think that chocolate is one of the most popular flavour. I took that into consideration when planning to bake my first keto cake to bring it for a birthday event and to introduce it to the non-keto group of people. Besides that, my keto friend loves dark chocolate.

Keto Chocolate Cake


The recipe that Katie has written up is for an 8 inch cake and my cake tin is 6 inch. So I converted all the ingredients into grams and made it 3/4 of the recipe.

Katie’s Recipe here

Conversion to 8 inch to 6 inch cake: Eg.

Baking powder 2.25 tsp = 9g for 8″ cake. 6.75g for 6″ cake and round it up to 7g.

Cocoa powder 0.25 cup + 2 tbs= 40g for 8″ cake. 30g for 6″ cake.


I omitted vanilla essence and reduced sweetener (lakanto) to 35g.


I did it differently.

1.Preheat oven to 160C convection

2. Sieve flour mix: almond flour, cocoa powder & baking powder

3. Cream eggs and lakanto to ribbon stage

5. Fold in flour mix slowly

4. Pour water into batter

6. Pour batter into 6″ tin lined with parchment paper

7. Bake for 30 minutes or until cook

I actually baked it twice. The second time I sieved the flour mix and it turned out taller.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Adapted from forgetsugarfriday and ibreatheimhungry


250g cream cheese

115g butter

35g powdered lakanto (monk fruit erythritol sweetener)

40g cocoa powder


Different brand of cocoa powder taste different and the sweetness of sweetener is also different. So I made it ‘taste as-you-go’.

1.Leave cream cheese and butter out at room temperature.

2. Blend erythritol monk fruit sweetener into powder. I used lakanto.

3.Cream cream cheese and butter together using a hand mixer or stand mixer until combined.

4. Add cocoa powder and mix.

I started with 25g first and increased it slowly.

5. Add lakanto and mix.

I started with 20g and increased it slowly.

In fact 25g would have been just nice for my keto friend (the 99% dark chocolate fan). But there are other guest at the dinner party so a bit sweeter?

6. Add further cocoa powder or lakanto to taste.

I ended up with 35g lakanto and 40g cocoa powder.

Frosting the Cake

I put aside half a cup of frosting to pipe the rosette on top. For the remaining frosting, I did one layer of filling, frosted the top and used the remainder for the sides.

Naked Cake

I did another naked cake this time. I’m starting to like it. Why?

  • Less frosting to prep. I use a hand mixer and it can be tiring.
  • It looks pretty rustic especially if the frosting colour and the cake colour is different.
  • Less work and save time as it is just a crumb coat layer.
  • Healthier and less sweet

Maybe the ‘healthier and less sweet’ argument might not apply to keto cakes. Some people (including me) actually remove frosting, icing or fondant when eating the cake so it’s less sweet and they consume less calories.

One of the trick I have learnt is to use 4 rectangular parchment paper to sit on the bottom edge of cake so it does not create a mess on the board. After refrigerating the cake, I use the palette knife to sweep it across the bottom edge and then remove the parchment paper.

Added simple piped rosettes using a star tip.

How was it?

It had a proper cake texture and some liked the chocolate cream cheese. It tasted more of a slightly bitter dark chocolate flavour and wasn’t sweet.

I really liked the chocolate cream cheese and ate the leftovers up after piping.

It wasn’t sweet enough for 2 people (non keto-ans) with sweet tooth. They preferred the other cakes better (jackfruit and mango cheese).

Net Carbs of 7g per slice.

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