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I was looking for a keto friendly frosting that does not contain sugar or a sweetener and holds its shape for piping. After whipping whipped cream, it usually only holds for 2-3 hours. But I wanted something to hold for 1-2 days.

Secret Ingredient

The secret is to use gelatin. The gelatin sold in my local bakery shop is powdered fish gelatin.

Other non keto methods that I have not tried would be to use corn starch, powdered sugar, powdered milk.


Ingredients: 200ml whipped cream. water, gelatin.

According to finecooking, use 2 1/2 tsp gelatin to gel 2 cups liquid for glaze or 1 cup liquid for dessert.

It doubles or triples in size after whipping.

This amount was enough to pipe about 10 cupcakes.


First I used quarter cup of water and 1 tsp of gelatin. And I think it was too much water so I added a few more tsp of gelatin (total of 3 tsp) After 5 minutes, it bloomed. I microwaved it for half a min on medium and left it to cool slightly.

Put aside a tbs of whipped cream and leave it at room temperature. That is to mix with the gelatin after it has cooled down. This is to avoid gelatin clump or stringy bits after mixing it in.

Before whipping, keep the remaining cream chilled and chill your mixing bowl. My room temperature is pretty warm (27C). After whipping, it more than doubled and formed soft peaks.

After adding the gelatin mixture, it was slightly gloopy. There was no way I could use it for piping. I left it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours and nearly forgot about it until I was about to cook dinner.

When I took it out, it looked like a chilled cheese cake texture but was softer than that. I stirred it a little and started piping it. And it worked!

No pics?

If you are wondering, I did not take any pictures of the whole process as we were multitasking and had guest over.


We tested it on the keto pandan cupcake. My friend tried piping it and it was pipeable.

Piped Stabilized Whipped Cream

We also made faces with keto pancakes and keto pandan cupcakes.

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