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The cabinet designer and carpenter did the measurements for the kitchen cabinet.

The main reason I chose this kitchen cabinet company:

  • They offered custom made kitchen cabinets
  • The designer advised on getting plywood and block board cabinet
  • A friend had hired the same kitchen cabinet factory (not the same designer though)

 They do not have a showroom or shop. Their office is located above their factory and I managed to peek into their factory once.

Quartz & Laminate Design

We finalized the design of quartz countertop and laminate colour of cabinet door. White Quartz would have matched the kitchen the best but I was worried that it would eventually discolour from sun exposure. I stuck to the same one previously chosen.

Laminate Colour Choices for Cabinet Door
Quartz Countertop Choices

Oven Height

I wanted the oven to be slightly taller. The carpenter recommended 50mm: 50mm for bracket above and below the oven. I was initially keen for it to be 0: 100mm. 

Oven and Hob Installation Measurement according to manufacturer’s booklet
Oven Height

He would need to leave a slight gap above the oven so we settled for 30mm: 70mm.


There was one tall unit and it would not be practical to have a 45 degree handleless design. He showed me hardware for it. 

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

He showed me wood handle pulls like this. Errr. I think it looks like a wardrobe.

Appliances Garage

I wanted to hide my microwave as it takes up too much space. My microwave was located on top of my bookcase, height was 106cm in the living/ dining area. I decided to mount it above the about 120cm from floor in a cabinet. One of the cabinet designer when I was getting quotes pointed out that it might be too tall.

Pull out Accessory in Wet Kitchen

He did offer a pull out accessory for the cabinet on the right side of the oven/ hob to store condiments. I declined it as I was not too sure on my storage plans. I wanted to start using the kitchen first before deciding on the storage/ accessories for my wet kitchen. I am not sure how the consumables will fare under the skylight.

3D design

I would describe my cabinet as ‘basic’. He passed me the design a few months ago after referring to my hand drawn design. It looked quite similar. 

Kitchen Cabinet Base Unit Dry Kitchen Design
Left: My Hand Drawn Design    Right: Cabinet Designer’s Design

Moving my drawers

Patrick advised me to move my drawers to the middle. Previously some of his customers had complained that it was not functional after installing it next to the peninsula or bar counter.


  1. Small peninsula (4ft): If I sit at the 2ft part of the dry kitchen area, I will need to move to open the drawer. If a paired cabinet door is placed there, I can still open the other door.
  2. Sink position: Better to place the cutlery drawer next to the sink.
  3. Open drawer: There is no space on one side to move as it is taken up by the peninsula. For my case, I could easily hit my head against the peninsula countertop when I bend down and get up if a drawer is placed there.
Kitchen Cabinet Tall Unit Dry Kitchen Design Left: My Hand Drawn Design   
Right: Cabinet Designer’s design

As for the wet kitchen cabinets, a 3D design would not be required. I can already envision how it will turn out based on my own drawing.

The carpenter was available these few days so they would start manufacturing the cabinets and it would be ready for installation in 7-10 days time. Can’t wait…

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinet Designer & Carpenter Site Visit

  1. Hi miss, i came across your blog through lowyat kitchen cabinet link. Could you please give me your kitchen cabinet factory and renovation contractor name and phone number
    sorry and thank you
    regards. mrs pang.

    1. Hi Mrs Pang,

      Unfortunately my renovation contractor has retired.
      I have emailed you my kitchen cabinet factory contact.
      Happy renovating! =)

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