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The cabinets were ready for installation after 9 days. It was split into several sessions …

Day 1 (1st Visit)

10.30pm- 4pm; Patrick & 3 Cabinet Installers (1 main and 2 sub)

I was surprised that Patrick (kitchen cabinet designer) was present during the kitchen installation.

Drawer inserts and accessories

Patrick had asked me about drawer inserts for all the 3 short drawers. I only wanted 1 for the base unit. He had also asked me about a ‘basket’ accessory for condiments and oil next to the oven. I was not too keen on that.


Kitchen Cabinet Carcasses
Kitchen Cabinets in Wet Kitchen
Tall kitchen unit in Dry Kitchen

Slight narrow feel after the kitchen cabinets are installed

Oven installed.

Rectification work

They brought back a wet kitchen cabinet door as it was too wide.

Day 2 (2nd Visit)

10.30am-2pm; 1 Cabinet Installer (main) & Quartz Co Staff

Requested a Plywood Panel above the Oven

There was no laminate below the oven frame so it was rectified.

Countertop measurement was performed.

Special Hinges


I had requested for wide angle hinges of various brands but they had missed out some of them. The wide angle hinge was for 4 doors; 1 set under the sink and another set for my appliance garage.

Rectification work

They brought back 2 tall unit cabinet door as 1 of them it was curved really badly. It could not even close properly.

Day 7 (3rd Visit)

Patrick & 2 cabinet installers (another main & 1 sub)

Rectification work

They informed me that they are going to choose two cabinet doors to bring back and resize as the tall unit bottom row did not fit. They choose to take back 3 doors (1 at appliance garage, 2 food pantry door).


Special hinges that were requested was installed incorrectly. There was miscommunication between the distributor and Patrick. He had missed out some hinges but the distributor had assumed that he wanted the same hinge he requested prior to this.

Another cabinet installer?

Patrick brought another cabinet installer/ carpenter. He reasoned that the previous guy had made a mistake so it would be better to change. I mentioned that there was no need to so he can see through the whole process. He had been quite detailed and seem experienced so I was fine with him installing the cabinets.

Day 19 (4th Visit)

Patrick and colleague, 2 cabinet installers (1 main & another sub)

The initial plan was to install the cabinets together with the countertop installation. I had complained that it was taking too long and that exposed items were collecting dust. And if there are any further issues they will need to make another trip.

Dry Kitchen Tall Unit

The tall unit cabinet was finally sorted after bringing back the cabinet doors three times. I had requested for some minor adjustments (adjusting the hinges) as it was not symmetrical.

Cutlery Insert for Drawer

The cutlery insert could not fit into the drawer and was returned. I thought about it and told Patrick that I did not need one.

The wide angle hinge for the cabinet required an extra ‘plate’ on it to be soft close and has not been delivered yet .

Just a couple of things to do left for this kitchen renovation….

Updated on 22/8/2019

Day 41

Left: Before; Right: After inserting the Slow Close Clip

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