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There has been a huge delay with the countertop installation. However I’m glad that I have a functioning wet kitchen. Overall there is a lack of countertop space for now.

Day 32

34 days after the first round of countertop measurement

Patrick had sent the drawing of the quartz countertop.

Quartz countertop will be the same exact one that I have chosen last year. But there is 3 pieces of quartz and the smallest one is 1.5 feet which is not ideal. That area is my baking area and I don’t want too many ‘lines’.

Apparently their max length of quartz is 9ft.

Countertop 2nd Measurement

Let’s check!

Just to confirm that it is the case for all, I started googling quartz stone manufacturer in Malaysia. The first one had 10ft exact same model. And the second had 9ft/ 10ft (depends) different model but similar patterns and colour.

So I gave the contact details to of the first company to Patrick. Ironically it was the very first company who measured my countertop. Eventually we decided to go with the company who could install 2 pieces of quartz.

Patrick had to collect the sink first from the other company.

Day 35

35 days after the first round of countertop measurement

3rd Measurement
Sink Returned

Patrick called later the afternoon. The new quartz stone with the same model number was of a darker tone. The last ‘old stock’ was used last month.

Top (old stock/ originally chosen), Bottom (new stock)

Piglet and I opted for another model no Quartz.

Top (another model no), Bottom (old stock/ originally chosen)
Old Stock
(Originally Chosen)
New StockAnother one
PatternSmaller ‘Stones’Smaller ‘Stones’Bigger ‘Stones’

I opted for the one with smaller ‘stones’ as it would hide dirt easily. Piglet prefer the other quartz. But he went with my preference last year. I agree that his preference looks better. Blessing in disguise?

The quartz would be take about 3-4 days for delivery to the factory.

Day 41

41 days after the first round of countertop measurement/

6 days after the third round of countertop measurement

10ft Length Quartz
Quartz on Peninsula
Negative Reveal of Sink
Minimal Joint Line

At long last! I’m glad piglet stuck to his guns on the countertop choice. Overall, this one looks way better than the previous.

Lets see… Just the plumbing left. And some bits and bobs….

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Countertop Installation Part 2

    1. Hi Jamie. Yes, it is a good thing. The joint line is not obvious as the ‘paste/ grout’ they used to patch up is the same colour as the countertop coincidentally. However the vertical piece is more obvious because they used white silicon instead. I did ask my kitchen cabinet designer about the paste (the colour does not change)… So if you opt for another colour quartz, the joint line might be be more obvious.

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