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The Kitchen Countertop installation was delayed. Patrick had issues with the quartz stone company e.g. delays, last minute cancellation & not responding to his calls. They finally confirmed the date for installation to be in 2 days time (21 days after measurement).

He asked me whether he could change the quartz stone company as he was not happy with their work ethics and professionalism. I was reassured that the countertop colour/ pattern will be exactly the same.

Original Quartz Colour Selection

It will be done within 10 days and the countertop measurement will be done tomorrow. Let’s go with that. Principle matters….

Kitchen Countertop was measured the day after the kitchen cabinet was completed (day 20). The quartz co guy accommodated Patrick, piglet and my request:

  • Quartz cut:
    • Patrick’s request.d for the quartz to be cut into an L shape (peninsula) and rectangular shape instead of 2 rectangular shape. It is sturdier at the peninsula.
  • Silicone:
    • My contractor/ plumber passed me a non acetic acid silicone to be used during the sink installation. He was concerned that undermounting the sink would cause water will leak to the wood. They will do a negative reveal so it is easier for maintenance e.g. re-silicone the sink edge.
  • Sink position:
    • Piglet and I had started using the sink in the wet kitchen. We have a deep sink and wall mounted faucet. Piglet suggested that the sink in the dry kitchen to be closer to the wall.

He took the sink and silicone with him for the quartz installation.

Day 28

28 days after the first round of countertop measurement/

7 days after the second round of countertop measurement

First thing I noticed was the colour of the quartz countertop was really odd… There were brown speckles instead of grey and it was not what we had agreed on. I chose that same design 9 months ago and have not made any changes.

White and Brown Speckle Quartz

There were three pieces of quartz instead of two.

3 Pieces of Quartz

Patrick arrived 15 mins after the quartz countertop installer arrived and was surprised when I asked him about the quartz colour. Prior to this he had requested for the same colour but decided to upgrade the quality. It was apparently the ‘same design’.

Sigh! I would rather stick to the poorer quality originally chosen one if the ‘better quality’ countertop colour was brown instead of grey.

“I give you RM400 discount for the error. Usually I would ask them to change it but since they have already cut it….”

I decided to wait and see. Let’s see if the quartz can blend in with the design.

Sink Cut Out

Unfortunately it couldn’t and it was really hideous…. I called up piglet.

He asked, ‘You mean it (Quartz) isn’t artic snow?’ Can I live with it for the next 10-20 years with no regrets?

Hmm… I don’t think so…. so piglet asked them to bring back and change it.


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