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I had come across a list of recommended measurements for the kitchen here.  It has been very informative and taking these into consideration also ensures that I design a safe kitchen. 

The measurements to take note of:

Kitchen door entry- at least 85cm

✔ Entrance into dry kitchen (between peninsula and cabinet) 90cm

Back door at wet kitchen 75cm

Kitchen triangle

X Refer here

No major work traffic to cross the triangle

X The back door is located between it

Aisle at least 120cm

✔Dry kitchen aisle 150cm

Waste receptacles- include at least 2. 

1 near the sink and a recycling one nearby

✔Waste bin under the dry kitchen sink

✔Recycling area under the wet kitchen sink

Fridge landing space- 37.5cm on the handle side of a fridge

X No proper landing space; will use the metal open shelf or a kitchen trolley.

Traffic clearance at seating of 110cm to walk past

✔Will need to include that measurement to place the stools near the breakfast countertop at the dining area.

Microwave placement- bottom of the microwave should be above 37.5cm and below 120cm.

✔The bottom of the microwave will be 115cm.

Microwave landing area- 37.5cm

✔There is an 80cm landing area below the microwave

Oven landing area- 37.5cm

✔There is an 80cm landing area above the oven

Total countertop space of 395cm wide and 60cm deep

✔ 415cm including landing area (Dry Kitchen 265cm + Wet Kitchen 150cm)

Sink landing area- 60cm on one side and 45cm on the other side.

✔Dry kitchen sink- left landing area is 150cm and right landing area is 45cm.

X Wet kitchen sink- left landing area is 15cm and right landing area is 50cm.

Preparation countertop- 90cm of countertop area

✔150cm of countertop space in the dry kitchen

X 50cm of countertop space in the wet kitchen

Most of the issues are in the wet kitchen such as insufficient countertop space for preparation and the sink, small back door and small kitchen triangle with work traffic.

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