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The day before the electrician was due to start the wiring of the kitchen, piglet asked me to go through all my appliances and to let him know how many amperage / Wattage do each require.

I listed it all down:

Dry Kitchen


Countertop 3 power points

  • Portable Induction 2000W
  • Blender/ Food processor 900W
  • Mixer 1500W


Countertop 2 power points (2 original)

  • Microwave* 1000-1150W
  • Toaster Oven 800W
  • Kettle 1850-2200W


Tall height 1 power point (new)

  • Table fan 40W
  • Work lamp 11W
  •  LED strip lighting 5-20W
  • Security camera

Wet Kitchen


Medium height 1 power point (original)

  • Washing Machine* 500W
  • Floor Fan 90W


Medium height 2 power point (1 original 1 new)

  • Refrigerator*  100-200W
  • Table fan  40W


  • Oven* 2780W
  •  Hood* 70-150W
  • Hob* 3200W


4 power points (4 new)

  • Rice cooker 400W
  • Slow cooker 250W
  • Blender 900W
  • Vacuum cleaner 400W
  • Portable induction cooker 2000W


Appliances 1 power point (1 new)

  • Work lamp 11W
  • Security camera


1 power point (1 new)

  • Fish tank pump

Lights & Fan

  • Ventilation fan 17W
  • 2X T5/T8 1200m  26W

Electrical points:

  • 11 power points (including 1 waterproof water point)
  • 4 Lighting points
  • 1 Fan point
  • Oven, hob and hood point

When the electrician arrived, I stated my plug points and appliances that will be used. He had initially suggested looping in which I kept asking him whether he was sure that it would be enough for my appliances. I wasn’t too pleased initially with that plan and contacted my contractor and piglet. The electrician was actually my concrete subcontractor’s electrician so my contractor had to speak to the concrete subcontractor separately.

The electrician then suggested hacking the wall to ‘pull’ two circuits (add two MCBs) from the DB box. He only hacked some parts of the walls that day with a drill.

We then started doing further ‘homework’ and ask the contractor to put the electrical works on hold.

Next up: Kitchen Electrical Wiring Part 2: Homework

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