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 was looking for a kitchen grid control panel before the renovation as I previously had one in Glasgow that looks like this .

The switches I previously used consisted of:

Kitchen Grid Control Panel

Oven switch was separate.

I tried to find it online but only found it on 

There was a cooker control unit consisting of an isolator switch like this but none of the above. 

Should I have separate countertop switch for the hood, oven and hob?

  • The hob and oven one would be a 1 gang 20A double pole switch with neon light.
  • The hood switch will be a simple 1 gang light & fan switch.

It’s optional for the hob and oven as the electrician is installing 15amp 1 gang socket (with switch) below the countertop that goes to individual MCB. 

The electrician had advised that I am better off doing that then hardwiring it. 

Yes. will have separate switches.

I was not keen squatting down to reach into my cabinet to switch it off or even to reach up to my distribution box to flip the MCB.

Next up: Kitchen Electrical Wiring Part 5: Position of switches and sockets

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