My Glasgow Kitchen

My Little Corner of the World

Duration: Two days; 

First day 9am-5pm 

Second day 8.30am-4pm

Team: 2 people; Electrician and worker


Provided by electrician; PVC, Armoured cable, Cables, Back box, Gypsum powder 

1.5mm-4mm SIRIM approved Cables

Provided by me/ contractor; fine sand and cement

Day 0

Used PVC sheet to cover furniture from dust as circular saw blade will be used to cut through concrete.

Day 1

  • Determining socket location
  • Hacking concrete wall 
  • Fit electrical backing boxes 
  • Run electrical cables in PVC conduit
2X 13A Sockets (Left), 2X Oven and Hob electrical point  
  • Fan & Light 1.5mm L N E 
  • Hood 1.5mm L N E
  • 13A Sockets 2.5mm L N E
  • Oven & Hob 4mm L N 2.5mm E
  • Plastering wall
Cable Run

Day 2

  • Continue with the above. 
  • Cut a hole in the plaster ceiling
  • Armoured cable run from distribution box to subdistribution box
Run 16mm Armoured Cable + 4mm Earth Cable in the Living Room

16mm Armoured cable + 4mm Earth Cable in the Wet Kitchen
  • Total Length of Cable Run: 39ft   
    • Concrete wall: 5 ft
    • Plaster ceiling: 25ft
    • Concrete beam: 9 ft

  • Patch plaster ceiling and plaster walls
    • Plaster types:
      • Walls (Tile): Cement plaster
      • Kitchen Walls (Paint): Cement plaster (base) and Gypsum plaster (surface)
      • Living room (Paint): Gypsum plaster
      • Plaster ceiling: Gypsum plaster

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