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Duration:  Half day; 9.15am-12.30pm

Team: 3 People

A few days before that, I wiped the cables with a damp cloth and vacuumed the back box.

Work today consisted of:

  • Fitting new sockets and switches
  • Install the sub distribution board
  • Testing electrical circuits
  • Install the lights & fans

The main electrician did the dry kitchen switches and sockets installation and supervised the rest.

2nd electrician installed the sub distribution board.

The main electrician and the 3rd electrician fitted the wet kitchen switches and sockets.

I had requested that the hood switch to be shifted closer to the hood.

New Hood Switch Position

The main electrician also ‘hid’ the neutral cable inside my light switch. That gives me an option to change it to a smart light switch (with neutral).

After that they installed the lights & fans together.

The main electrician was worried that he might drill and crack the wall tile at this area. He offered an alternative of using double sided tape. I will be asking my contractor to use his diamond drill bits instead. He did test the light though.

The Kitchen Hood Bottom was mounted 69cm (manufacturers guideline was 650mm-750mm) above the countertop as requested. I had asked them not to install the top bracket as I was not sure how tall I wanted it to be and would leave it to my main contractor when he does the horizontal ducting.

Kitchen Hood Wiring

He tested the plugs using a 3 pin socket tester with me. There were 3 red lights on the tester for all the plug including 15 Amp ones. Passed!

And helped me figure out which of the sockets ‘belong’ to which MCB.

Kitchen Extension Electrical Wiring 

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