My Glasgow Kitchen

My Little Corner of the World

The original kitchen size was not ideal for me so piglet suggested to ‘borrow’ space.

Borrowed space:

  • Backyard: 5ft X 9ft
  • Dining area: 2 ftX 9ft
Floor Plan with Extension

The dry kitchen and wet kitchen are more equal now. If I did not ‘borrow’ space from the dining area, the dry and wet kitchen will be the exact same size.

  • It is a simple design complimenting the floor plan.
  • A small peninsula with no cabinets below to look more ‘open’ and not to block traffic
  • No built in cabinet at the fridge area as I might replace it later. 
  • The laundry area has drainage, water supply from the tank and electric socket nearby  for the washing machine so I’m not ‘moving’ it.
  • No cabinet wall units.
  • No cabinets or countertop on the far right or the wet kitchen. There is a pillar in front of it so it can be used as a hidden corner. 
  • The ‘L’ part of the wet kitchen is a similar design to my previous kitchen in Glasgow.

Kitchen Layout Design 

I can’t seem to decide on my kitchen layout shape

  • If its one kitchen… An interrupted U shape?
  • If its just the dry kitchen… Galley with a peninsula?
  • If its just the wet kitchen… L shape?

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