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Cut Out Measurement for Duct Cap

I emailed the hood manufacturer regarding the duct size a 2 months before tiles installation. They had advised that one end of the duct was 6 inches (connect to the duct cap) and the other was 7 inches (connect to the hood). My contractor bought a 6 inch stainless steel duct cap from the hardware store.

Duct Cap and duct

My Kitchen hood installation was divided into two parts:

Part 1Electrician

The electrician installed the lower bracket, mounted the hood onto the wall and wired it.

I had requested for the bottom of the hood to be mounted about 69cm from the countertop.

I tested it.

Hood Switch on the right side of my hob

He was going to install the upper bracket but I asked him to leave it out for the contractor since the contractor is installing the duct.

Duct and upper bracket to be installed by my contractor

Part 2- Contractor

My hood duct would be exposed (industrial look). I requested for the the top bracket of the hood to be adjusted nicely and the duct to be a straight horizontal line. The duct provided was semi-rigid and not the flexible type.

Straight hood duct

The duct was about 1 feet too short and was too big for the hole in the wall. The contractor actually left it as it is so he could take some time to figure out. I started using it and the duct ‘flew out’ a couple of times.

White PVC at the end of the duct

A few days later, they put a 6 inch PVC inside the wall and used aluminium to tape it up to cover the PVC. We agreed that the securing the top bracket was unnecessary since it held up fine. There were also electric cables running inside the wall at that level.

It works really well for me.

  • Noise level is acceptable
  • Suction power is strong. I switch off the fan and exhaust fan before using it.
  • Easy to clean: I have washed the baffle filter once
  • Easy to use: Touch control is sensitive
  • Ergonomics. The hood has a slight slant so the front of the hood is 10cm higher than the back. I can cook with my head being underneath the hood.

Choosing a kitchen hood

Will you be hitting your head on the kitchen hood?

How many cfm does my kitchen hood need to be?

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