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Why skylight?

  • Natural light: Daylighting
  • Aesthetically pleasing: It is in keeping with the house design. Let more light in!
  • Looks spacious: It would help to ‘open up the space’ for my small kitchen.
  • Alternative to a window: There is no wall space for a window

Why not skylight?

  • Heat: The fixed glass skylight would function like a ‘green house’ trapping heat inside the room.
  • Leaking issues: Leaking is the most common problem and would require long term maintenance.
  • UV damage: UV from the sunlight could cause damage and discolouration to furniture or structure exposed.

Piglet and I took about 1 month to choose the design and the skylight manufacturer/ installer and the design.

Quotes for Kitchen Skylight

DescriptionSkylight specialistSkylight specialistFactory
Glass typeLaminated glassLaminated glassLaminated glass
Glass thickness12.38mm12.38mm12.38mm
No of glass panels334
Colour availabilityYesYesYes. Pricing differs
Metal frame size10cm X 5cm10cm X 5cm5cm X 2.5cm
Include gutter & PVC pipeYesYesNo
Include polycarbonateYesYesYes
DesignShed roofShed roofButterfly roof
Price (RM)275032104100

We opted for A.

Skylight Installation Timeline

Day 1 Paid deposit

  • 1st Site visit (lasting 30 min) a few weeks prior for measurements and quotations.

Day 7 Design & colour confirmed

  • Clear-opaque-opaque glass for the kitchen skylight
  • Black metal frame, grey gutter, white PVC pipe, white polycarbonate
Skylight Design

Day 11 Metal frame Installation

  • 2nd Visit*- 10.15am- 3.30pm
  • Metal frame installed

Between Day 11 & Day 26- Electrical 1st fix, DIY minor painting, Plumbing 1st fix

Day 26 – Gutter & glass Installation

  • 3rd Visit* 11.30am- 3pm
  • Gutter installed & painted
  • Mix up of glass colour- opaque-opaque-clear glass instead
  • Final installation postponed as need to reorder an opaque glass and cut the clear glass- 2 weeks wait

Between Day 26 & 39- Purchased tiles

Day 39 Final Installation

  • 4th Visit* 10.30am- 12.30pm 2.30pm-6.30pm
  • Glass installed
  • Gutter 6 inch short. Another trip made to factory to collect materials. Gutter lengthened.
  • PVC pipe installed & painted.
  • Polycarbonate drilled/ silicon-ed.

Day 41 Problems discovered

Problem 1: Silicon blobs from the Dried Up Silicon Redo Work
Problem 2: Water Leakage at the Redo Glass Area
Problem 3: Gap between the Polycarbonate and Metal Frame

Problems discussed with skylight co owner and contractor the following day.

Day 45

  • 5th Visit*- 11.30am- 1pm
Rectification 1: Old Silicon Removed
Rectification 2: White Silicon Finish 
Rectification 3: 2 Extra Screws Drilled into the Polycarbonate and Metal Frame to Cover up the Gap
  • Now its time to wait for the rain test! Crossing my fingers….

*Visit duration includes works done for porch skylight 

Skylight Water Leakage

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