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I had some glutinous rice and lots of mangoes during the lockdown period. I usually store a few small cartons of coconut milk and cream just in case there is a last minute cake request.

Mangoes were in season then and it was really reasonable in price.

Mine is actually a shortcut method. I am trying to use less sugar so I just mix sugar, salt and coconut milk directly into the rice when it is done which is similar to the sushi rice method. But you can warm coconut milk separately and mix in sugar and salt.

Mango Sticky Rice

3 serving


1 cup white glutinous rice

200ml coconut cream

Sugar and salt to taste

3 mangoes

1 pandan leaf (optional)


1. Soak glutinous rice for 12 hours

2. Drain soaking liquid and steam it for 50 minutes with pandan leaves

3. Add in coconut milk, sugar and salt to taste and cover with a plate to prevent drying for 30 minutes

4. Cut mango and plate coconut milk glutinous rice. Drizzle some coconut milk on top.

I have also tried it with black glutinous rice: half cup mixed with half cup of white glutinous rice. It had a slightly nutty flavour and was a bit crunchy. It took longer to steam, about 60 minutes and I mixed it with coconut milk and steamed it for a further 30 minutes.  

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