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Last weekend, I suggested for us to cook our own dinner. It’s not that I was being cheeky…. But that gives Piglet a chance to cook something he likes when we are cooped up at home during lockdown. And he enjoys cooking too. I guess it reminds him of his university days.

I mentioned to Piglet a few days ago before the grocery shop so he could make advance planning. And he came back with raw chicken leg from his grocery shop.

Piglet wanted to use the microwave to cook chicken.

Microwaved Chicken Leg Recipe


1 chicken leg

1/4 tsp tumeric powder

1 tbs soy sauce

Pinch of salt

1 carrot

Half an onion


1.Thaw frozen chicken

2. Marinate chicken with seasoning (tumeric powder, soy sauce, and salt) for at least half an hour

3. Cut carrot and onion and place it in the bowl

4. Microwave for 22 minutes on high with a microwave safe lid. Turn the chicken halfway.

Turning chicken over at 8 mins

How was it?

Piglet enjoyed it. The chicken was well salted. Carrots and onions were slightly mushy so he would put them in later.

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