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I wanted to move an air conditioner from a spare unused bedroom to the dining room.

It is not in use most times. When I tested it a year ago, there was ‘no cold air’. I have yet to service it.

Move it or buy a new one?

Prior to that, I asked my contractor whether I should just buy another AC to install it or just relocate the current one. “Better to move it after all you are not using it”

Arranging an Electrician & Cost to move

They charged RM360 for my 1.5hp AC move. My contractor kindly arranged the move. This buddy electrician of his had recently moved the his AC when he was shifting house.

In fact I asked my contractor the reason he did not arrange this electrician for my kitchen electrical wiring. ‘”Can’t find electrician” was his reply. This electrician and my contractor were ‘stuck’ renovating an older house for weeks. During that period, we were sorting out skylight works so it did not affect us.

Old Position in Spare Room

After removing the AC, the bare wall, wires and pipes look quite unsightly. Leave it as it is for now….

Where is the compressor?

Piglet and I did suspect that it is on the roof as we cannot find it anywhere else. We were right…


Finally found the problem with AC…Same problem again. The developer uses cheap AC cable and it has disintegrated.

Actually, Piglet told me that they had changed the electrical wiring for the AC for 2 of them 2 years ago; the cables connecting the AC internally to the external compressor unit.

Note for me: If I need to buy a new AC in the spare room in the future, I have to arrange a rewire.

Relocating the Compressor Location?

New AC Compressor Position

The compressor location is on the top floor (determined by the house plan). Distance wise, it is 30 feet from the AC in the dining room. Why did the developer do that? It does not make sense… there is a ‘compressor balcony’ just 15 feet away.

Two options:

  • Original location 30ft. Copper wire working. Install electric cables
  • New location 15 ft. Install copper piping and electric cables

It cost more for the latter option so we went with the ‘original location’. It is easier to rewire than to repipe. Moreover, the copper gas pipes are working fine.

It took 4 hours…


New AC Position at Dining Room

The rewiring cost RM150.

Now I can bake/ entertain once my kitchen cabinet & countertop is installed.

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