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Sour Dough Bread (100% Bread Flour & Knead)

After the first attempt, I tried the 2nd time. And I consider it a success!

Changes I have made

  • Used my sour dough starter when it peaked
  • Used bread flour
  • Knead, knead and knead and check with windowpane test
  • Reduce bulk fermentation and proving time as it is warmer

Before starting to knead, I ate some carbs, switched on some music, put the fan facing the table, timed myself for half an hour and kneaded on the dining table since it is lower than the countertop.

1045       Fed Sour Dough Starter

1300       Sour Dough Starter has doubled

1315       Sour Dough Starter has fallen slightly. Peak in 2 & half hours? Seriously?

1320       Mix all ingredients

1325       Start kneading

1355       Bulk Fermentation

Bulk fermentation begin
End of bulk fermentation

1710       Shape

Punch down dough

1725       Prove

Proving begin
End of proving

2030       Preheat oven

2100       Score & Bake

Score dough

2140 Cool

This time around I sliced the boule and kept half the portion in the freezer. Might stop buying sandwich bread from now on.

How was it?

Texture… Pass! It is so airy and soft. There are also large holes in the bread.

Taste… Pass! Not too sour, fragrant and sweet.

Looks… Needs improvement. It doesn’t look as good as the dough was stuck on the cloth in the proving basket.

It made a hollow sound upon knocking when it came out of the oven. After 1-2 hours, it was soft due to the humid weather.

Avocado Toast

Made avocado toast using frozen sour dough bread.

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