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What is a dry and wet kitchen? That concept sounded very foreign to my colleagues in Glasgow.

Two kitchens?

Someone says that… Houses especially the bigger ones are designed to be two separate kitchen with a fridge each , a hob each:electric hob in dry kitchen and gas hob in wet kitchen.

I look at it as one kitchen divided into two parts. I am not doubling the appliances.

Dry kitchen- western cooking. 
Wet kitchen- asian cooking.

Someone says that…The dry kitchen has an Electric hob and an oven to cook ‘western dishes’ and wet kitchen has a gas hob for greasy ‘asian cooking’.

‘Western cooking’ can be strong smelling and greasy e.g. baking fish or grilling bacon, deep fried fish and chips… I would like all my cooking to be done in one area. So the oven and hob will be in the wet kitchen. 

Dry kitchen- show kitchen. 

Wet kitchen- messy cooking.

Someone says that… The dry kitchen has nice built in cabinets and appliances, the wet kitchen is a hidden part of the house, has mismatched cabinets and looks really messy. 

I would like both the wet and dry to look as presentable as a ‘show kitchen’ and is exposed to other parts of the house.

Dry kitchen- owner to use. 

Wet kitchen- helper to use.

Someone says that… In some countries, the upper class has two kitchen and one of them is for the helper’s usage. 

In Malaysia, its functional and not a symbol of social class. Helpers and owners use both the dry and wet kitchen. 

My checklist for my dry and wet kitchen

  • Sink: One sink each. Sink in dry kitchen is used for washing dishes. Sink in wet kitchen is used for cooking, washing pots and pans. Both can be used as prep area.
  • ‘Wet’:Being able to hose down the area in the wet kitchen which would require a floor tiles, tap, hose and drainage.
  • Climate: My kitchen’s ‘climate’ will be ‘warm and sunny’ for the wet kitchen and ‘cool and comfortable’ for the dry kitchen. A warm wet kitchen with a skylight will keep food warm after cooking and sun dry some food. An air conditioner will be installed at the dining area which will blow towards the peninsula and is suitable for kneading dough and decorating cakes. Food storage will be at the cooler part of the kitchen too.
  • Noise & Ventilation: Any appliances that produce noise, odour and grease from cooking goes to the wet kitchen  eg. Hood, washing machine, oven, hob.
  • One kitchen: When I open up or look through the sliding door, both dry and wet kitchen layout and design needs to blend in and look like one big kitchen.

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