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One of my favourite fried rice is nasi goreng kampung. Nasi goreng means fried rice and kampung means village. It is a Malay dish. It is spicy (bird eye chilli) and has crunchy anchovies in it.

I just used vegetables I had in the fridge. Usually it is served with kangkung (Morning Glory vegetables) but I have not stocked it.

One the secret to fried rice is to use overnight cold rice to fry it. I did not have some so I cooked it a few hours ahead, left it to cool and refrigerated it before cooking. I usually use Thai rice but only had Basmathi rice in my pantry so it helped in a way that it was not as clumpy.

Simple Nasi Goreng Recipe


1 1/2 cups cooked rice

3 tbs Cooking oil

1/3 cup of chopped french beans

1/2 cup of chopped mustard green (sawi)

2 bird eye chilli (chili padi)

5 cloves garlic

5 Shallots

1/4 cup of dried anchovies

1 tsp of belacan (fermented shrimp paste) optional

Soy sauce and salt to taste

Fried anchovies (topping)

Egg (topping)



1.Blend dried anchovies, shallots and garlic to a paste

2.Toast belacan on the pan for a few minutes and put aside

3. Fry blended paste with oil until fragrant and slightly browned. Add belacan in it.

4. Stir in vegetables and rice.

5. Add soy sauce and salt to taste

6. Top it up with an egg and fried anchovies

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