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It is important to balance needs and wants when designing your dream kitchen.

I really wanted a kitchen island for my future kitchen. There wasn’t enough space in the 10 feet by 9 feet dry kitchen. I could possibly manage if I hack the wall of the bedroom next to it.

I thought about it… Naah… No kitchen island then. A small kitchen peninsula will still work.

These are the questions to ask yourself before designing a kitchen. It would fall mainly under ‘needs’.

1. Age of household members?

  • Toddlers- Child lock on kitchen cabinet and no glass base cabinet.
  • School going children- Being able to cook while watching over them. They might do their homework at peninsula or kitchen island and dining area.

2. Size of the family?

  • Large family- Might require a large storage area including freezer or fridge as it is more economical to buy grocery in bulk .

3. Number of chefs?

  • Multiple chef in a household would require extra countertop space for prep area and to consider sink options.

4. Disability or health problem?

  • Wheelchair bound- wider walkway n electric plugs closer to the floor
  • Pacemaker- Caution when using an induction hob
  • Back problem- Install an oven at waist height instead of under the countertop.

5. Height?

  • Vertically challenged- Adjust countertop height to be lower.

6. Interest?

  • Entertaining & parties- Include a bar, peninsula or a kitchen island in the kitchen design.
  • Love baking- Include a marble countertop as it has a cooler surface and a baking zone in the kitchen design.

7. Cooking style?

  • Wok- If you use a wok and gas hob, would you need to consider lowering your countertop?
  • ‘Wok hei’- Gas hob is a better option for traditional Chinese cooking.
  • Steaming food- Need a built in steam oven for a healthier cooking style?
  • Malaysian cooking- A wet kitchen or closed kitchen for greasy smoky cooking?

8. Space?

  • Storage space- Consider walk in pantry or tall kitchen cabinet
  • Laundry space- Area to put the washing machine and clothes detergent
  • Television space- Watch cooking shows in the kitchen? Allocate an area to put a television or tablet.

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