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Some of us do not have a kitchen hood in our home.

Reasons could be:

  • Decided not to buy one as it is noisy and forehead bumps into it.
  • Live in a rented property
  • Limited budget to renovate a kitchen
  • The kitchen layout does not support one
  • Live in an older property

So what could you do if you do not have a kitchen hood?


1.       Install a ventilation fan

Wall mounted ventilation fan

There are several types: wall mounted ventilation fan, ceiling mounted ventilation fan, window mounted ventilation fan, portable ventilation fan

2.       Leaving the kitchen window or back door open when cooking

In landed properties, there is usually a back door in the kitchen that leads to the back yard. As for condominium or apartment, some has a door in the kitchen leading to the service yard.

3.       Cooking at an alternative place

Alternative places: outdoors, backyard, courtyard, airwell area, ourdoor wet kitchen or in a service yard

4.       Using a fan

Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan, floor fan, table fan paired with a window would help to channel the air out to the window.

Grease control

5.       Prevent splatter when cooking

Wok Cover

Use a splatter screen or wok cover

6.       Alternative cooking style-

Steam and stew instead of stir fry. Use a deep fryer or oven instead of deep frying in a wok.

7.       Kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes that are easy to clean: glass, stainless steel, large tiles

8.       ‘Cover’ the cooking area

Some shops sell aluminium panel that acts as a backsplash at the cooking area (not for induction hob).

Place cotton mats/ old linen on the floor.

9.       Clean regularly

Mop up greasy floor with floor cleaner or diluted dish soap. Clean kitchen backsplash after cooking.

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