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Old cucumber soup used to be one of my favourite when I was a child.

Old cucumber has a tough brown skin. I remove the seeds by scooping it out with a spoon.

After a few hours of simmer, the flesh softens and some of it dissolves slightly into the soup. That gives it a nice refreshing cucumber flavour and makes it very flavourful with just a few basic ingredients.

I prefer cooking old cucumber on its own instead of adding other ingredients e.g. corn or dried seafood.

Old Cucumber Soup Recipe


1-2 old cucumber

8 red dates

2L water

400g pork bones


Parboil pork bones for a few minutes. Put all ingredients into the pot. Boil then simmer for at least 3 hours.  Add salt to taste.

2 thoughts on “Old Cucumber Soup

    1. Hi, I have not spotted it so far in Seewoo or the other supermarkets in Glasgow.
      Actually my friend brings it for me from Malaysia.
      You can try also using normal cucumber instead. The flavour isn’t as rich but might do the trick to satisfy a craving. 🙂

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