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The oven was installed by the kitchen cabinet installer.

Oven installation with gaps between wood panel

I looked down through the hob opening and a between the oven and wood panels on the right. What if there are cockroaches or even rats hiding in there? So I asked whether it could be covered. The cabinet installer mentioned that he rarely cover it but eventually placed a plywood cover with a gap behind the oven. There was nothing mentioned about it in the manufacturer’s manual. I checked online and there was insufficient information too.

Plywood Panel on the Oven

I emailed the oven manufacturer. And they replied ‘ ‘Ideally more ventilation would be better, but if top is concealed for pest control purpose, then the rear gap is crucial. There must be at least 20mm gap from the back wall with open ventilation.’

1 day later, I decided that it was time to start using the oven even though the cabinet installation was not completed.

Firstly I had to connect the electrical wiring. The electrician advised that it was better to use a 15Amp Socket instead of hardwiring it. The wires would last longer. My contractor had kindly bought a 15 Amp Round pin Plug for me and I just screwed the wires in place

The instruction manual advised me to wash and wipe the different parts before doing a test run to melt the grease inside the oven.

While cleaning the oven, I noticed something odd. Why are there 4 extra holes? And the enamel at the other holes has been scratched.

I emailed the oven manufacturer and attached the picture.

I received a reply… ‘The small holes are not original. It should have been made by your installer.’

(Edited on 12/9/2019: A reader commented that the holes are not that visible so I have attached another pic.)

The plastic bag containing a manual and 4 small plastic parts was unopened during the oven installation. The instruction manual advised that there were plastic parts provided to screw into the large holes. I guess that protected the enamel of the oven.

I expressed my dissatisfaction to the kitchen cabinet designer and he was very apologetic. After speaking to my contractor and piglet, accept and move on. My contractor advised to just leave the screw as it is (in the ‘wrong’ place).

2 weeks down the line…

Baking pizza

I have managed to bake banana cupcakes, roast chicken & potatoes, bake quinoa and chia seed bread, bake brownies and season a cast iron pan….

4 thoughts on “Oven Installation

  1. hi there, may i know which brand of oven u are getting?

    And, do you mind to share the 4 extra holes are from where? cause i cant see clearly from the photos.

    1. Hi Liew,
      Sorry for late reply. I have attached another pic with arrows. The small holes were made by the cabinet installer. After removing the screw, the enamel around it has come off and it looks like ‘scratches’. The big holes (with black plastic in center) are the original ones.
      Emailed you the brand and model of the oven. πŸ™‚

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