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When I was a student, I used to buy cans of kaya when I was back to Malaysia. Even though I do not consume kaya with bread frequently, it was still a treat when I wanted to eat something familiar when I was in Glasgow.

Recently I have been reducing refined carbs (sugar) and the kaya sold in the grocery shops are really sweet. I wanted to try making a jam without added sugar to see what it taste like.

It actually tasted really tart and savoury without sugar. So I added a layer of honey on the bread first before adding (no added sugar) kaya. Piglet claimed that he could not taste the pandan in the kaya. So I added some sugar syrup into the jam before serving. And it tasted fine for him.

So I learnt that kaya actually needs some sugar or sweetener. If I do a keto version, I will need to add either stevia or monk fruit erythritol sweetener.

Pandan Kaya Jam (Screwpine Coconut Custard Jam)


4 long pandan leaves

4 eggs

200ml coconut cream

100g sugar (adjust according to preference)


1. Wash and wipe dry pandan leaves. Cut it into pieces and blend it with coconut cream.

2. Sieve the pandan coconut cream and discard the coarse pandan fiber.

3. Mix in the eggs and sieve it again.

4. Stir it over a hot water bath (low heat). Ensure that the base of the bowl do not touch the water.

Cook kaya: 0 min
Cook kaya: 10 mins
Cook Kaya: 30 mins
Cook Kaya: 50 mins
Cook kaya: 1 hour
Cook kaya: 1 hour 5 mins

After 1 hour 5 mins of continuous stirring, it was finally ready.

5. Cool it at room temperature, blend (optional) and store in a jar in fridge.

The texture was slightly gritty so I blended it.

Kaya Toast

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