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I left kitchen lighting the last on my planning list during the renovation. The contractor had advised me that I would need to ‘hack more’ to install more lights. I really did not want further hacking work to be done on the dry kitchen ceiling.

  • Ambient Lighting- Base lighting e.g. sunlight or general lighting.
  • Task Lighting- Lighting used for specific task e.g. food preparation on the countertop.
  • Accent Lighting- It is used to highlight art or an ornament e.g. Light that focus on a painting.
  • Decorative Lighting- It is a decorative fixture e.g. chandelier. It can also serve as other types of lighting e.g. task, accent or ambient lighting.

My plan:

The current dry kitchen had only ambient lighting. The colour temperature of the lights inside the house was warm white and cool white for the lights outside the house. I would consider the dry kitchen ‘inside’; wet kitchen and backyard ‘outside’. I also wanted the current design to look so subtle that the lights would not be noticeable during the day and also it needs to blend in with the current lights in place. All the wall and ceiling the light were mounted on had no plaster ceiling.

Dry kitchen

Increase size of the (circle) ceiling mounted LED light (one original light point).

Wet kitchen

No change to the (circle) ceiling mounted LED light (one original light point).

T8 (4 feet) for the wall mounted part of kitchen extension.


T8 (2 feet) for wall mounted wall above the back door.

T5 or T8?

I was deciding between T5 and T8 light. The electricians I spoke to seem to have a preference for the later.  

Energy Consumption16 Watt18 Watt (Economy)
Beam angle130°270°
Diameter5/8 inch8/8 inch
Visibility of wireVisible at sideHidden in the middle
Colour temperature6500K6500K

I do plan to add in task lighting in the form of strip lighting after the renovation. I have asked the electrician to fix 13A power points for now. The hood also has lights that can also act as ‘task lights’.

Accent and decorative lighting was not necessary and did not really fit with my minimalist kitchen concept.

It’s really basic…

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