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First phase

Wet Kitchen Plumbing was done after the kitchen cabinet installation

Washing Machine Tap & Tiles Installation

There is no main to turn off water supply for this tap. So he turned off the main water supply and we took a few days to use up water from the water tank.

Wet Kitchen Sink

We decided to top mount the sink. Reasons here.

Mounting Sink
Top Mount Sink

Trap (Wet Kitchen)

A trap provides a water seal to prevent odorous gas to pass into the house and catches dense or large objects. I’ve got a flexible ‘P’ trap and pipes that comes with the sink sold.

Is it better to use another trap? The flexible ‘P’ trap might end up being an ‘S’ trap or even a combination of ‘P’ and ‘S’.

We decided to go with bottle. It takes up less space but is prone to trap debris compared the others. But I wouldn’t want food debris forming a clog deeper into the plumbing works. Better in the bottle than elsewhere!

Left: Bowl trap Right: Flexible P trap
Flexible P trap. It was removed and bowl trap was installed.

Second phase

Trap (Dry Kitchen)

Dry Kitchen Plumbing was done after the countertop installation a month and a half later.

Piglet had requested that the contractor/plumber does all the plumbing including the dry kitchen sink. So I informed my kitchen cabinet subcontractor and he was fine with it. He would just arrange to undermount the sink.

It took me by surprise when my contractor was about to use the flexible ‘P’ trap that came with the sink. If that was the case, the cabinet installer could just install it. Or I can diy it…

His reason…“The wet kitchen sink is for heavy duty use and the dry kitchen sink is just for cups.”

Err… No? Both should be prepared for ‘heavy duty use’.


  • Functional: My dry kitchen is not a white elephant.
  • Wider sink: The dry kitchen sink is 1 feet wider than wet kitchen sink. It can accommodate bigger items e.g baking pans or long trays.
  • Baking zone: I will be washing my baking equipment there.
  • Prepping zone: I will be prepping my food including peeling skin off fruits and vegetables there. There is limited countertop space in the wet kitchen.
  • Storage zone: My cutleries and dinnerware are stored next to the drawer and cabinet so it makes more sense to wash it and dry it there.
  • Others: I believe that the person who is cooking should not do the dishes. The cook can wash the pots and clean up the kitchen e.g. grease on backsplash.
  • Blockage: My friends help me to wash up when I invite them over for a meal. If visitors are using that sink to wash their plates, there is higher likelihood of food debris in that sink.
  • Ergonomics: Although some rectification works has been done, the wet kitchen sink height is 81cm and is back breaking. The dry kitchen sink height is 88cm.

Dry Kitchen Faucet

The inlet was not perpendicular to the wall. It slanted towards the left and was pretty obvious. They had to remove the tile, reposition it and replace the tile.

Dry Kitchen Faucet not perpendicular to the wall
Dry Kitchen Faucet Redo Work
Dry Kitchen Faucet Redo Work

Water Filter Faucet Installation

I had requested for the water filter faucet to be installed during the first phase. It has take 2 months….

1st Visit: Did not bring diamond drill bit

2nd Visit: Need to buy diamond drill bit

3rd Visit: Need to check size of diamond drill bit before buying (borrowed filter faucet)

4th Visit: Need find the attachment for the bottom as the countertop including concrete is too thick

5th Visit: Unable to find attachment. So hacking and drilling works done. Unfortunately…. tile cracked.

6th Visit: Tiles installer was not free so the contractor brought it to the tiles installer about 10km away to cut and polished the tile. Contractor did the plastering. Sigh! Poorly plastered at the cabinet area, tile chipped at the edge and grout gap is so big.

Cracked Tile. The tile has separated from the plaster and was easily lifted.
Cracked tile removed

7th Visit: Grouting. Have not bought small piping so drilling was delayed.

I was really irritated with the delay and insisted that they drill the hole first. What if there is another crack? They drilled the hole.

8th Visit: Pipes bought but not installed. The ‘filter guy’ can install that for us later. I did not want them in the kitchen as it would involve another round of cleaning.

Finally done so we can engage someone install the water filter.

Piglet and I actually hosted our first dinner party in the midst of the water filter faucet installation.

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  1. It does seem that you experienced more than your fair share of problems.

    However, you have clearly used high quality materials which should last very well, and continue to look good as well.

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