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I made some pandan kuih talam last week after having leftover coconut milk from the keto blueberry coconut cake. The remaining coconut milk was frozen in the fridge.

Last weekend, I bought a lot of pumpkin and have been looking for recipes for it. Pumpkin is pretty sweet so it is suitable for dessert and I omitted sugar for this recipe.

The frozen coconut milk was thawed at room temperature and I blended it so the texture would not be too gritty.

Pumpkin Kuih Talam Recipe


Adapted from Daphne Goh and Chef Foo Hai May

Pumpkin layer (Bottom)

380g pumpkin

70g rice flour

20g tapioca starch

50ml coconut milk

30-50g sugar (optional)

Coconut milk layer (Top)

25g tapioca flour

30g rice flour

15g corn starch

200g coconut milk

150g water

Pinch of salt


Mix ingredients for pumpkin layer. Pour batter into a  oiled bowl. Steam it for 20 minutes. Put aside.

Mix ingredients for coconut milk layer, sieve it and thicken it on a stove using a hot water bath. Use a fork to scratch the surface of the pumpkin layer. Pour batter into the bowl containing the pumpkin layer. Steam it for 30 minutes.

How was it?

It tasted quite bland at room temperature but was better after refrigerating it. I omitted sugar but I think it needs some. I still prefer the pandan version though.

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