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A few days ago, Piglet requested for roti canai/ paratha to go with his fish curry instead of rice. In Mamak restaurants here, roti canai/ paratha is served with dhal gravy, chicken curry and fish curry.

This is a greasy flatbread and it uses tons of oil. During the shaping process, the dough is spreaded out thinly and folded to create crunchy thin layers. It is a lamination dough technique. The gluten needs to be developed in order to spread it really thin.

To develop the gluten, kneading and time is required. Unfortunately, I don’t have a stand mixer and neither am I keen on kneading. Thankfully, Piglet does not mind kneading. I also use autolyse method which is mixing flour and water and rest it for 30 minutes.

Roti Canai/ Paratha


Makes 4 roti canai

180g flour

120g water

1 tbs oil

½ tsp salt



1. Pour oil into flour and mix it.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix

3.  Knead it until it passes windowpane test

OR  autolyse: Knead then rest for 30 mins then Knead again then rest for another 30 mins and knead again

4. Divide it into 4 and shape it into round balls.

5. Add oil until it is submerged. Turn it over halfway through.

6. Soak it for at least 1 hour

7. Oil the worktop surface and use a rolling pin or flip it to spread it thinly

8. Square shape: Fold it into a square or Circle shape: Fold it using the paper fan technique and roll it into a circle.

9. Use a rolling pin to flatten it to 15cm diameter

10. Fry it until browned

11. After it is done and slightly cooled, squash it slightly to make it fluffy

Now I’m really tempted to buy a tawa (flat pan).

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