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Previously when I was in Glasgow, I made salted chicken egg as duck egg and salted duck egg were expensive. Flavour wise, it tasted not as nice as duck egg and the salted egg is not as orangy.

I saw some duck eggs sold in 10 at my local hypermarket and decided to try it out. The duck egg shell is thinner than chicken egg and has brownish marks from the dirt and stains. Unfortunately I had accidentally broken one and had it for dinner (fried egg).

The salted duck egg was ready after 40 days and was just in time for the end of the Covid 19 lockdown period. I started testing it by boiling 1 every week from day 25 onwards. So it has gone from ‘not salty’ to ‘just nice’ and ‘yellowish yolk’ to ‘orangy yolk’.


10 duck eggs

Salt content 8.5%

700ml water

60g salt

65ml shao Xing cooking wine

115ml vodka ( 50ml to before sunning + 65ml to soak & pour in salt brine)

Spices (optional): star anise, sichuan peppercorn, bay leaf, dried chilli


  1. Wash the duck eggs.

2. Dry it with a tea towel and dip it in (extra) vodka.

3. Sun dry the duck eggs for 1 hour

4. Soak the eggs in Vodka and Shao Xing Cooking Wine

5. Boil water, salt and spices and leave to cool.

I used only smaller portion of water as I had some cool boiled water.

6. Put the spices at the base of the jar as it might float to the surface. Then put the eggs inside carefully and then pour the salt brine.

7. Check it weekly from day 25 by boiling and tasting it.

Salted duck egg at day 25

How was it?

It tasted just nice at day 40. I still have some of them soaking and plan to finish within a week. The addition of spices made it more fragrant.

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