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My contractor had initially underestimated the size of the door and assumed that it is really small. That would be the most economical, practical and fuss free option.

It would be a mild steel material (grill material) with two metal sheets. 

I had an issue with the looks and the ‘feel’. I expected to have a door and it was not a ‘grill’ nor ‘door’. Just could not envision myself cooking right next to it.

My contractor said ‘Get what you mean. It’s like a shoplot door.’

Mild Steel Grill Door and Door

3. Aluminium door with glass

It is the most aesthetic option and would be the same theme as the skylight.

The skylight salesperson and the concrete subcontractor had suggested it. 

Even though there are no windows in the kitchen, the skylight provided sufficient natural light. If I opt for that, I would go with opaque glass. A transparent glass with blinds or shades will just give me more to clean.

My contractor had his concerns of the glass shattering if the wind blows and door slams into the wall. He changed his mind when I mentioned that I was also planning to do an outer door e.g. grills.

1st Stop- Interior Aluminium Glass Door

My contractor recommended a shop selling bathroom accessories and sold interior aluminium door with glass.

Interior Aluminium Glass Door

There were a couple of issues: The door was so flimsy and it could not accommodate a door latch. It would be more suitable for a walk in pantry or a store room. It was RM800 to RM900 without frame.

Sticker Glass for Aluminium Door

I had asked the shop owner and he indicated that people ‘rarely’ to install such a door as a back door. I would interpret his ‘rarely’ from his non verbal language as ‘nobody’.

2nd Stop- Exterior Aluminium Glass Door

We visited a shop selling aluminium glass security door. It was 6.38mm laminated glass with locking mechanism on top and the bottom of the door and strong sound proofing. There were a range of colour options. 

There was an aluminium gap bar on the floor to accommodate the locking mechanism. That did not bode well with the ‘wet kitchen’ concept. Water would be trapped in that gap. There was an option of doing away with it and change the locking mechanism to the side one. The sound proofing door seal would trap oil and is difficult to clean so there was an option to not have it installed.

The features were impressive… And the price was also impressive too. A whooping RM2k.

The salesperson was quite honest and mentioned that they rarely sell these doors due to the price. He commented that his customers purchasing other aluminium glass products would just install a security door for the back door. 

I discussed the visit with my contractor. He advised that the price would not be worth paying for a pretty door. After all it is just a back door and ‘nobody sees it’.  I could consider it if it is a front door or a side door. I did agree on his point.

4. Wooden door

I noticed that it common in older houses to install a wooden door with grill.

 It would be exposed to rain since there is only 1 feet overhang. During the rainy season, the wood might expand. It would eventually rot so I need to be prepared to replace it. 

I wanted a plain door so it could just be painted with white or light grey paint and did not require a nice wood grain pattern. 

3rd Stop- Wooden door

I found this shop on an online renovation forum. The opening time was not listed so piglet called them to check before visiting.

The door salesperson was very familiar with the location I live and I described my kitchen extension. He sat down and drew out a design for me. Looking closely, it was a grill door design.

And he does not sell grill doors! Such an irony…

He explained that it would be exposed to rain and would not last too long. If it was his house or his relatives’ house, he would install that grill door. If I was planning a shellac finish, it would only last 3 months. If I opted for it to be painting, it would last maybe a few months to years.

He went through the wooden doors with me so that I could think about it. He showed me two types. 

  • Nyatoh Solid Wooden door with carvings- 1K
  • Nyatoh Plywood Plain Design- RM600 or RM400 without paint

Wooden Door
Left: Solid Wood     Far Right: Plywood Door

He recommended plywood door instead of solid wood door. His explanation was that if a solid wood door was exposed to water, it would crack or expand. But if it is a plywood door, it would have uneven ugly surface.

5. Security door

A friend who did a skylight in his kitchen installed this. His had a small door in door with grill in the center. 

Its great for security- duh! There are many security feature and locking mechanism. 

My contractor is the most familiar with this door and had recommended contacts. He estimated that it could cost me RM1.3K to RM1.7K.

4th Stop- Security Door

The designs looked really elaborate though. Piglet was very put off by it and was adamant that he would not be getting one.

Stainless Steel Security Door

I was quoted a shocking RM3K for a customized door for the fully stainless steel security door. The salesperson advised me that it would be cheaper for me to get a custom made stainless steel grill door from the grill shop.

Which one should I choose?

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