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Usually Piglet and I buy Siew Yoke from our local hypermarket or market. However during this MCO lockdown period, we have concerns on buying it as it is left hanging when being sold and exposed for long period.

I have made 2 rounds of pork belly: 1 fatty one and 1 lean one. Piglet likes the crunchy skin and it does not have a strong gamey flavour.

There are a few steps to ensure crunchy skin: use paper towel to pat it, sprinkle coarse salt (not too much), fan to blow dry, put it in the fridge overnight and pre-roast it for an extra 50-60 minutes at 100C to dehydrate it. Other steps that I did not use include using vinegar on the pork skin and grill function of the oven.

Siew Yoke (Roast Pork Belly) Recipe


700g Pork belly

1 tsp 5 spice powder

1 tsp fine salt

Coarse salt


1. Use coarse salt to clean the skin of the pork belly

2. Boil and simmer for 20 minutes to remove gamey taste

3. Dry it with a paper towel

4. Prick the skin of the pork belly with a fork

5. Marinate it with 5 spice powder and fine salt. Sprinkle coarse salt on skin surface.

6. Use a fan to dry it up and pat it with a dry paper towel occasionally for 1-2 hours.

7. Put it in the fridge overnight.

8. Take it out from the fridge the following day and leave it at room temperature for at least 1 hour. Use a dry paper towel to pat it dry.

9. Scrape the coarse salt away (optional)

10. Roast it for 50-60 minutes 100C .

11. Then, roast it for 230C for 50 minutes.

12. Rest it for 15 minutes. Then cut skin down and serve. 

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