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I have been planning to make sourdough pancake for a while but my non stick pan has already lost its on stick layer. Recently I bought a new pan and decided to try it out.

Most recipes I requires using large quantities of sourdough starter discard but I don’t have that much discard. I only feed my sourdough starter weekly in the fridge or three times a week if I happen to bake.

So I used a basic pancake recipe and did some conversions. I happen to have 120g sourdough starter discard with me. This is an instant one that does not taste too sour. If you would like it to be sour, you can mix the sourdough starter discard, flour and water then keep it overnight and mix the rest of the ingredients the following day.

Surdough Starter Discard

Formula for sourdough pancake

Sourdough starter discard (100% hydration): 20g to 240g sourdough starter

Flour: 120g- (sourdough starter/2)

Milk: 220g- (sourdough starter/2)

Sourdough Pancake Recipe

Makes 13 pancakes

(2-3 servings)


120g sourdough starter discard

60g flour

160g milk (150g water +2 tbsp milk powder)

1 egg

1 tsp baking soda

1 tbsp sugar

Pinch of salt


Mix all ingredients above and rest it for 15 minutes. Heat up the pan and layer it with oil or butter. Pour batter to desired pancake size. After a few minutes, flip it over.

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