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I had some sugar syrup from my first round of failed caramel. The sugar syrup tasted like rock sugar overall.

And this time around I had made soy bean milk and had made tofufa before but was wondering how would a gelatin version be like.

My soy bean milk was pretty dilute so I tried blooming the gelatin in soy bean milk. I should have just used water as there was some undissolved gelatin on the base of the bowl.

Soy Bean Pudding (Gelatin) Recipe


1 cup of unsweetened soy bean milk

1 tbs sugar syrup

1 tbs of gelatin

3 tbs water



1.Bloom gelatin in water for 5 mins and microwave on medium heat until it dissolve or for 30 secs. Add in 1 tbs of soy bean milk to temper it.

2. Mix in sugar syrup to taste in unsweetened soy bean milk. Mix in all ingredients together.

3. Refrigerate it for 4 hours.

It tasted pretty good to me. I topped it up with sugar syrup for Piglet.

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