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I can’t believe I have not tried baking sponge cake before. I did not realise it was just made of 3 basic recipes: egg, flour and sugar. No baking powder!

I was looking for a basic low cost cake recipe to frost to experiment with frosting and I came across this recipe.

Recipe here

1. DIY cake flour

I don’t store cake flour or self raising flour and make my own.

DIY Cake flour formula

Cake flour= 1 cup AP flour – 2 tbs AP flour + 2 tbs of cornstarch

Cup and tbs to gram conversion for AP flour

1 cup AP flour= 120g AP flour

1 tbs AP flour= 8g AP flour

I need 90g of cake flour= 78g AP flour +12g cornstarch

Cake flour= AP flour + Cornstarch

I stirred and sifted it 5-6 times.

Cake flour (after sifting 5-6X)

2. Beat sugar and eggs

It took me 8 minutes with my hand mixer and tilting the mixing bowl.

It started off foamy and then became creamy and light yellow

1 min: Beat sugar & eggs
5 mins: Beat sugar and eggs
8 mins: Beat sugar & eggs

I used it and made a ‘ribbon or 8 pattern’ and it stayed

3.  Sift cake flour and fold

I did it in 7-9 batches, bit by bit.

And poured it into a buttered and floured circle cake tin.

4. Bake

15 mins into baking

I baked it at 165C for 32 mins but will make some changes in the future.

Troubleshooting (reference)

Shrunk & Wrinkly Cake

Peaked center: oven temperature was too hot.

Shrinked at the edge: overbaked. It was all good after 25 minutes. At the 32 minute mark, it shrunk.

Next time it will be 30 mins bake time and lower temperature to 155C

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